2 Types of Foundations

Foundations basically are where the weight of the structure is transferred. They should be the top priority during the beginning phase of the structure because they should be strong enough to bear the weight of the house you’re going to build upon it. If you don’t know much about foundations, we will tell in this article the basic types. If you also ask professionals of Frisco Foundation Repair, they will propose one of these types.

The types of foundation are divided into two common types, the shallow foundation and the deep foundation. Shallow foundation meant that the depth of soil is shallow, as shallow as 3 feet. The deep foundations on the other hand have depths of 60-200 feet. Read more to know more about the foundations.

1. Shallow Foundations

This type of foundation is also called the open footings or spread footings. It’s called as such because during excavation, the earth is excavated until the bottom of a footing and then constructing the said footing. At this point, the footings are visible that’s why it’s referred as spread or open footings. Each footing will take the column’s load then spreads over a large area. If you live in a cold location, this foundation should be protected. The water around the foundation will freeze and expand and will lead to foundation damages.

1.1 Individual Footings

This type of foundation is used when the building’s load is carried by columns. Each column has its footing. These footings are connected by a plinth beam which is built below ground level or at the ground. To get the footing’s size, the engineer will compute the column’s total load and divide it by the SBC (safe bearing capacity) of the soil.

1.2 Strip Footings

This type of foundation can be found in masonry construction. It’s a long strip that supports the entire wall’s weight. The loads of the buildings are carried by the entire walls, like in old buildings which are made of masonry.

2. Deep Foundations

Like mentioned, this type of foundation has a depth of 60-200 feet. It is called a deep foundation due to that characteristic.

2.1 Pile Foundations

A pile is made of concrete that looks like a long cylinder, and pushed into the ground. This will be used to support the structure build on its top. Usually, this type of foundation is used if the soil at the surface is weak. The building’s weight should be transferred to a layer of rock that is stronger using these piles. Another point is when the building is a high rise structure with a heavy load.

There are two types of pile foundation. The first one is the end bearing piles; its bottom rests on the strong rock or soil. The load of the building is transferred to the strong layer.

The friction piles works to transfer all the forces into the soil. The greater depth it has, the more building load it can support. In conclusion, the weight of load this pile can support is proportionate to the length it has.

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