Top Health Risks That Are Commonly Associated with Poorly Maintained Carpets 

Most of the time, carpets look harmless. In fact, they often look clean, making you think that they cannot really be dirty. However, underneath their deceiving clean exterior, carpets might be holding tons of dirty elements that could cause a lot of health issues, which can potentially harm you as well as your family’s health.  

Maintained Carpets

That is the reason why it’s very important that you have your carpets cleaned in a regular manner in order to prevent disease causing bacteria and germs from invading your home. In this article, you will be able to learn some health risks associated with a dirty carpet. 

Stress-Related Problems 

Recent studies have shown that individuals living in an unhealthy and unclean surrounding show much higher stress levels. Even though it might not create immediate danger to them, stress can weaken the immune system of a person and can make someone more susceptible to illnesses. In addition to that, it has also been proven already that individuals with heart ailments run much higher risk of suffering strokes or heart attacks when they are stressed chronically. 


Pet hair, human skin cells and dirt accumulate in the fibers of your carpet and it can service as food for dust mites, microbes as well as molds. When these organisms grow significantly, they can be able to cause a lot of respiratory problems such as runny noses, coughs, allergies, and can even trigger dangerous asthma attacks. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to mycotoxins that were produced by molds can also lead you to hypersensitivity, neurotoxicity and eventually cancer. 

In individuals with pre-existing allergies, contents that have been accumulated in dirty carpets like pet hair, dirt and mold can trigger allergies to flare up again. Most of the time, allergic reactions include sneezing, malaise and itchy skin. 

Skin Problems 

Dirty carpets can contain a lot of living as well as non-living harmful elements that can irritate your skin or cause itchiness, swelling or redness. In addition to that, dirt particles can also attract pests like cockroaches and rats that carry harmful sickness causing germs and bacteria. In some people, asthma often manifests itself in forms of itchy rashes, which can appear all over the body when exposed to irritants and other harmful elements. 

Athlete’s Foot  

This is a very common fungal infection and it can cause flaking, scaling, as well as itching around the affected areas. Bacteria and fungi often linger on the fibers of the carpet and the moment you walk around the carpet’s surface barefoot, they can climb in through your foot’s tiny cuts. Consequently, this can result in fungi growth and rashes on the foot leading to superb sensitivity. 

Gastro-intestinal Problems 

Small kids tend to pick fallen pieces of food off the floor or even toys and put it in their mouth using their bare dirty hands. This can actually transfer fungi and bacteria from the carpets leading to their alimentary canal, causing intestinal or stomach infections as well as other related diseases. This is the reason why it’s really best that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Not only that, for any cleaning or repair job you need for your home such as quality click here, it is only best that you contact a professional. 

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